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The Sun

This is our sun. Without it, life on Earth wouldn't exist. It brings us light, heat, and all sorts of electromagnetic waves. But how? To know how, we should get to know our sun. Our sun has been around roughly about 4.6 billion years. It has a diameter of about 1,390,000 kilometers. It's core can reach temperatures 15,000,000 degrees celsius! It is the center of the solar system, and takes up 98% of the solar system's mass.

How does the sun produce heat and light? Because the sun is so hot that nuclear fusion takes place within it. Hydrogen atoms combine to make helium atoms. When this occurs, a portion of the atom is discharged in the form of heat and light. The effect is huge amounts of heat that flows to the planets caught in the sun's orbit. On Earth, the sun is our main energy source. Our atmosphere protects us from many of the sun's harmful waves, giving us just the right temperature for life.

The sun's atmosphere is composed of 3 parts. The photosphere, the chromosphere, and the corona. The photoshere is the innermost part of the atmosphere. This is where the sun's light comes from. The chromosphere is the next layer of the sun's atmosphere. Chromo-  means color, meaning this is where the sun gets it's color. The corona is the outer layer of the sun. The corona sends out electrically charged particles known as solar wind. These waves are usually blocked by earth's atmosphere, although at the north and south poles some waves enter through, causing the northern lights, or auroras.

Our sun is very amazing, and it is by far the most important tool of life. It still has enough hydrogen to continue nuclear fusion for 10 billion years until it will eventually weaken and die. Who knows what will have happened to Earth by then? Anyway, I wouldn't worry about the sun blowing any time soon!

There is still plenty we can still do with our sun. Limitless possibilities lie in its fires. With such a powerful energy force, many problems on earth could be solved. It's up to us to figure out how!